EdinCell  is a Science Communication project based in the University of Edinburgh and funded by the Edinburgh Beltane Network for Public Engagement.

Our aim at EdinCell is to improve the communication of our Research in Genetics and Cell Biology to the public and media. We have a special interest in developing new resources for schools.

In this website you will find:

Activities for the classroom: In the "Resources" and "Art-Science projects" sections you will find some of our workshops and activities for school children of all ages. We always welcome the input of teachers to improve links with the School Curriculum, please get in touch!

Teacher CPD: We have participated in the Science Communication for Teacher Development program at the National Science Learning Centre in York. The workshops developed there have been used by Science teachers all over the UK.

We can help teachers develop new ways of teaching about Cell Biology, Genetics and related subjects.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our workshops or you would like to develop new ones.

Art-Science Projects.

Projects like "HappiGenetics"  combine Science, Art and Dance and are aimed to primary School children .

We collaborate with ASCUS Art-Science: this year we will organise workshops about Genetics and Microscopy in the ASCUS Lab , a community space for art and science experimentation

Contact us: If you would like to contribute in any way to EdinCell, please contact us at You can also keep in touch through our Facebook page