Happi-Genetics: The School Workshops

Happi Genetics : The Workshops


        Our workshops start with a brief introduction to cells, chromosomes and cell division by one of our scientists. For an example of one of these presentations click HERE (this one is aimed at Primary 4 level):


        The children are divided in three groups and rotate around three "stations":

1 - Scientists show the children how to use different kinds of microscopes and magnifying lenses and guide them in their discovery of the world of cells and microscopic organisms.


2 - The children are led by some of our scientists to perform a dance following the movements of chromosomes during cell division. The choreography involves the use of ropes and props to simulate the cellular cytoskeleton used by the chromosomes to move to opposite sides of the cell.


3 - Artists encourage the children to  build models of chromosomes and cells drawing inspiration from the images and movies shown.